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Insurance Technology Annuities Policy Administration Implementation and Functional Enhancements
Insurance Policy Administration Implementation and Functional Enhancements
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Is Penn Assurance Software a Policy Administration Platform?

No, however we do develop custom software to improve existing environments and implementations.  For example, some of our work has included developing and extending existing policy admin platforms by adding valuation processing, fund processing, and full transaction life-cycle including complete transaction undo/redo.  Plus, we offer services such as project management, conversion consulting, advanced support, and version upgrades.


Can you help with our existing/old Insurance Policy Administration System?

Absolutely.  Our team has experience with legacy systems as well as the latest offerings in the industry.  Contact us for a consultation so we can learn more about your current environment, and find the right solutions for you to maximize your investment.


Can Penn Assurance Software help us with time-to-market of our Life, Health, or Annuity Insurance Products?

Yes.  We are experts in adding policy admin support and professional services for a variety of new product changes and additions, and have helped implement a variety of new and innovative Life, Health, Annuity, Individual and Group products.


How do I know that Penn Assurance Software is the right choice for our Insurance Policy Administration needs?

Regardless of your deadlines, existing technology implementation, or situation - we can help.  Give us a call and share your needs with us, we'll carefully listen and help you develop a plan of attack.  Even if you need services we don't offer, we'll help guide you in the right direction and get you connected with the right solutions.



Policy Admin Extended

Your Policy Administration platform isn't dead.  Our expertise and sophisticated software can extend the life and functionality of your system.

  • Add new lines of business
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Add real-time processing

Contact us for more information about how our solutions can extend your existing Policy Admin Platform.  You'll be surprised what we can do...

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