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Insurance Technology Annuities Policy Administration Implementation and Functional Enhancements
Insurance Policy Administration Implementation and Functional Enhancements
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We offer a broad range of policy administration services to help you improve your insurance technology environment and lines of business.  If you're not sure where to begin, or what your platform needs for improvement, or what functionality can be added - give us a call.  We'll let you know the best approach for your system.

Below are the general categories of policy administration services we offer. 
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Legacy AdminServer clients may be considering upgrading the latest version of the platform. Our experience and tools will make that process significantly more efficient. Because we have experience in all of the Oracle platform versions we offer the insight needed to make a smooth transition to the latest Oracle platform.



Penn Assurance Software offers advanced support options for all versions of Oracle OIPA. With advanced insurance technology support Penn Assurance Software can accelerate fixes through the Oracle support process by identifying bugs and enhancements in the core code and submitting patches through the Oracle process to ensure any changes become part of the Oracle platform.



Our team offers unparalleled expertise converting on and off the Oracle Policy Administration System platform. We offer tools to extract, transform, and compare results to legacy systems to ensure the accuracy of a system conversion.



Penn Assurance Software offers expert-level consulting services to companies looking to launch new products or enhance existing products on their Policy Administration System platform. Our team has extensive configuration, integration, reporting, and development experience in the platform. We have implemented insurance and financial products, including fixed and variable annuities, life insurance, property and casualty and health. When contracting our services you will automatically have available our suite of tools and extensions we have developed over years of implementations.



Policy Admin Extended

Your Policy Administration platform isn't dead.  Our expertise and sophisticated software can extend the life and functionality of your system.

  • Add new lines of business
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Add real-time processing

Contact us for more information about how our solutions can extend your existing Policy Admin Platform.  You'll be surprised what we can do...

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