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We developed the OIPA debugger as an extension to the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration System. It exposes a service to trace the execution of any activity. The Penn Assurance Software “Debugger” runs on your desktop and reduces the time you spend trying to isolate and fix a transaction within Oracle Insurance Policy Admin. The Debugger tool works on multiple versions of Oracle’s OIPAS.

Debugger AdminServer version 8.0 - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Provides line by line output of ORACLE OIPA math configuration
  • Debug math configuration of an existing pending activity
  • Debug math configuration of an exposed computation request XML
  • Debug ad-hoc math configuration using existing policy For context
  • Debug ad-hoc math configuration using existing pending activity for context

A significant portion of the ORACLE OIPA configuration work is concentrated in the “Math” section of transactions of a product. While there are many components that must be put in place for a product such as funds, valuation, rates, chart of accounts, etc, many of these are either precursors to the Math execution or directly dependent on the results of the math. The debugger currently provides sequential line by line output of the execution of ORACLE OIPA “Math” configuration. See the debugger demo for more details.




Test successfully before going to production.  Load multiple scenarios and processes and know you're ready for production before pulling the trigger.

Test Case Executor - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Define parameters and variables that can be accessed in web service XML
  • Dynamically handle web service results with Groovy script
  • Provides log of all messages sent and results sent back from web service calls


The Web Service Test Case Executor is a Java based tool that allows a series of web service calls to be defined for a given test case. It allows the user to define a Groovy script that can setup context for each web service call that is made by the test case. The tool is currently used to setup scenarios within Oracle Insurance Policy Administration System (OIPA) and reproduce issues that are raised in QA, UAT, and Production.




Move forward!  Our Configuration Analysys tool allows a clear look at redundancy, where to streamline, a full look under the hood to realize strengths and weaknesses of your existing Insurance Policy Administration platform so you know where and when to invest in the next improvements.

Configuration Analysis - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Calculate industry standard “Maintainability Index” based on standard code analysis techniques: LOC, Halstead Volume, and Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Identify unused rules in configuration
  • Graph dependencies within the entire configuration


Oracle OIPA is a highly configurable system based on a combination of XML Rules, Rate Tables, and Look-up Tables. As the configuration of a system grows and becomes more mature it can become unwieldy and accumulate old or unused configuration. The Configuration Analysis tool calculates a “Maintainability Index” for all rules in the system to provide a view into how difficult each part of the configuration will be to change. The tool also analyzes what configuration is currently unused or “orphaned” and provides a dependency graph for the entire configuration.




Allow for external Map Tables to be directly updated and parsed, diminishing time to manually map and port fields.  Accurate and complete migration, reduced time and testing costs.

Map Loader - Policy Admin Tables Mapping Tool

  • Create/Update Oracle OIPA Map tables based on tabular spreadsheet data
  • Extend the loading logic with Groovy script


Provides tool to load data into the Oracle OIPA map tables based on tabular data stored in spreadsheets. This tool is useful if you are maintaining look-up values outside of Oracle OIPA and want to refresh the map tables from the external source.




Migrate table changes and functionality safely, easily update logic and scripts, save time, money, and painful "after the fact" fixing typically associated with migration.

Migration Tool - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Generate scripts to move XML rules, Rates, and Look-up tables
  • Generate scripts to move database objects
  • Extend the logic of creating scripts with Groovy Scripts


The components of an Oracle OIPA deployment generally consist of the following: Oracle OIPA Application (War File) Application Settings (Datasource, System Properties, JVM Settings, etc.) XML Rules, Rates, Look-ups (Stored In configuration tables in the database) Database Objects (Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Table Changes, etc.) The migration tool provides a way to generate scripts for the latter two items that make up an Oracle OIPA deployment.



Policy Admin Extended

Your Policy Administration platform isn't dead.  Our expertise and sophisticated software can extend the life and functionality of your system.

  • Add new lines of business
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Add real-time processing

Contact us for more information about how our solutions can extend your existing Policy Admin Platform.  You'll be surprised what we can do...

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