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Insurance Policy Administration Implementation and Functional Enhancements
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Move forward!  Our Configuration Analysys tool allows a clear look at redundancy, where to streamline, a full look under the hood to realize strengths and weaknesses of your existing Insurance Policy Administration platform so you know where and when to invest in the next improvements.

Configuration Analysis - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Calculate industry standard “Maintainability Index” based on standard code analysis techniques: LOC, Halstead Volume, and Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Identify unused rules in configuration
  • Graph dependencies within the entire configuration


Oracle OIPA is a highly configurable system based on a combination of XML Rules, Rate Tables, and Look-up Tables. As the configuration of a system grows and becomes more mature it can become unwieldy and accumulate old or unused configuration. The Configuration Analysis tool calculates a “Maintainability Index” for all rules in the system to provide a view into how difficult each part of the configuration will be to change. The tool also analyzes what configuration is currently unused or “orphaned” and provides a dependency graph for the entire configuration.



Policy Admin Extended

Your Policy Administration platform isn't dead.  Our expertise and sophisticated software can extend the life and functionality of your system.

  • Add new lines of business
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Add real-time processing

Contact us for more information about how our solutions can extend your existing Policy Admin Platform.  You'll be surprised what we can do...

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