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We developed the OIPA debugger as an extension to the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration System. It exposes a service to trace the execution of any activity. The Penn Assurance Software “Debugger” runs on your desktop and reduces the time you spend trying to isolate and fix a transaction within Oracle Insurance Policy Admin. The Debugger tool works on multiple versions of Oracle’s OIPAS.

Debugger AdminServer version 8.0 - Insurance Policy Administration


  • Provides line by line output of ORACLE OIPA math configuration
  • Debug math configuration of an existing pending activity
  • Debug math configuration of an exposed computation request XML
  • Debug ad-hoc math configuration using existing policy For context
  • Debug ad-hoc math configuration using existing pending activity for context

A significant portion of the ORACLE OIPA configuration work is concentrated in the “Math” section of transactions of a product. While there are many components that must be put in place for a product such as funds, valuation, rates, chart of accounts, etc, many of these are either precursors to the Math execution or directly dependent on the results of the math. The debugger currently provides sequential line by line output of the execution of ORACLE OIPA “Math” configuration. See the debugger demo for more details.



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Your Policy Administration platform isn't dead.  Our expertise and sophisticated software can extend the life and functionality of your system.

  • Add new lines of business
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Add real-time processing

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